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For a sustainable future in sport

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BREAKING NEWS! Our Intellectual Outputs are online!

Guide on Environmental Volunteering in Sports

A Guide will be produced on sport & volunteering in Europe with a focus on how to incorporate the protection of the environment as a means to engage environmental volunteers to doing sports, and volunteer to create sustainable sport events. 



A study on environmental volunteering in sports

as a tool to tackle climate change

The objective of this study is to establish a research framework for anyone willing to exploit the outputs of the PlayGreen project regarding the skills development in the volunteers and the impacts of such scheme in the sports’ facilities, the audiences and the players. Two surveys will be performed.

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Pedagogical material on how to green sport events

The current partners of PlayGreen will be trained on key aspects of environmental and volunteering applied to sports in seminars carried out during the project meetings. Subsequently pedagogical material on how to green sport events will be developed for other organisations to use.

The PlayGreen project is a UEFA-endorsed initiative dedicated to ensure a sustainable future in sport in Europe. With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, six organisations have partnered up to raise awareness and build capacities about environmental sustainability in sport all across Europe.


As key outcomes the project will be a study on volunteering, a pan-European volunteering concept as well as a mentoring toolkit about sustainable volunteering in sport, free to use for everyone. Find out more information about our aims below.





Estonian Football Federation


Malta Football Association


The European Sport NGO


Associació Ecoserveis

Voetball Flanderen

01_perziurai_MAFA LOGO spalvotas.png


grassroots football Association


Local multiplier events

The Lithuanian grassroots Football Association is the newest member on board of the PlayGreen consortium! Welcome MaFA!

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Thanks to our great volunteers and Malta Football Association, the beaches in Malta look like brand new!


Despite Covid-19, Estonia FA managed to organize a green tournament!


Spains multiplier event has been a major success as well. Clean the beach and play!


See what PlayGreen means for our partners!


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